Verifying & Setting Up DNS Records Automated In Office 365

The new Office 365 (Wave 15) brings in a lot of new features and a nice one is the automation work in verifying the domain and setting up DNS records.

The initial Office 365 offering gave steps on how to verify a domain and create the necessary DNS records. There were instructions specific to few companies like GoDaddy and a general one for all other hosting providers.

The Wave 15 Office 365 has made the process much easier. My domain is registered with GoDaddy and while adding the domain, Office 365 picks it up and makes verifying easier by just clicking the Confirm Ownership button.


A new window will be opened where I had to sign in with my GoDaddy credentials. That’s it and the domain was verified. No more setting up of TXT records and waiting for replication.

The creation of the necessary DNS records have been automated fully. You are asked as to what features you need – from Exchange, Lync and SharePoint online. I selected the first two and clicked the Setup Records button.


And voila, all the necessary DNS records were created.


Now that saves a lot of time and effort in getting the values right manually – to setup both Lync & Exchange services externally.

I checked the GoDaddy portal and sure enough they were all created.


Just double checked icon_wink  I am assuming that Office 365 will automate the process for all major hosting providers. Has anyone used a provider other than GoDaddy and seen the automation?

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