Find Version Of Lync Server Components Installed


Many a times you have to find the version of the various components installed on your Lync server. What are the different ways to figure it out?

There is no native one-liner Lync Shell cmdlet to find this information. The easiest option will be to go to Programs & Features (in the control panel) and you will have a list of all Lync components and their versions.


Another option is to use a WMI query. Get-WmiObject –query ‘select * from win32_product’ | where {$ –like “Microsoft Lync Server*”} | ft Name, Version –AutoSize –Wrap


A third way is to use the Lync Server Update Installer that comes with each CU. Run the installer and it will show you all the components on the server and the installed version. You can patch the server using the same tool.


Yet another option is to run Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus from the Lync Shell.


There are few more ways to find the base version of the product. But, are there any other ways to find the version of the components?

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