About Me

I am Rajith Jose Enchiparambil and work as an Exchange Architect in London. I work as a contractor and hence move from one company to the other. This gives me the flexibility to know more about how various companies configure and manage their email systems. I have been in IT for the last 11 years, with Exchange Server becoming the prime area in the last few years. I am active on Experts Exchange website, access my profile here.

I started this website as a memory dump of the issues I have seen over the years, but it has grown to a blog with how-to-do / how-to-fix articles, bugs, new features, tools etc. The blog covers Exchange Server (2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013), Office 365, Lync and PowerShell, with majority of the content around Exchange. The site has more than  725 articles with 2200+ comments from readers and you can access the archives here.

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